"InfluxData provides the leading time series platform to instrument, observe, learn and automate any system, application and business process across a variety of use cases."

Users can build their own anomaly detection using machine learning techniques. Users can build export/import processes in order to collect data from other systems or use the Telegraf component to collect system data from machines and containers.

InfluxDb has no built-in concept of topology maps.

Kapacitor, the real-time processing component, supports a number of features that are useful when building an AIOps system:

  • Streaming Analytics: pre-process data before shipping to InfluxDb (downsample, perform analytics) , post-process data to export data to Hadoop or similar systems. Use Lambda expressions for transformations, boolean conditions as filter.
  • Alerting: publish alerts to topics, handlers can subscribe to topics in order to route to systems or people.
  • Plugin engine to integrate with external anomaly detection engines (through user defined functions), the output streams of such external systems can then be processed again inside the Influx components.

InfluxData is based in the United States and was founded 2013.

InfluxData is mentioned in the Gartner Market Guide for AIOps (Nov 2018)