Known as an Application Performance Management (APM) vendor, Dynatrace is also listed in the Gartner Hype Cycle IT Performance Analysis (July 2018) in the AIOps category.

Dynatrace is positioned as a an comprehensive solution to various application-centric monitoring needs. The Dynatrace agent collects metrics as well as application traces, automatically attching itself to running processes built on top of supported technologies such as Java and .NET. The agent also capture application logs. A browser-based Javascript agent is available to monitoring real user behavior, including video replay of user sessions. 

Using collected data, Dynatrace is able to detect specific anomalies, depending on the unterlying technology - in Java applications for instance, Dynatrace might point out excessive garbage collection activity. For metrics, Dynatrace supports using dynamic alert thresholds, where users can gradually adjust whatis "normal" vs. "anomalous".

Dynatrace automatically builds topology maps for environments like AWS, and uses its own agent for detecting dependencies between services and flow of communication in business processes. Using its knowledge of component dependencies, Dynatrace can narrow down events and detect underlying root causes for issues.

Dynatrace isavailable as SaaS offering as well as on-premise licensed software. It is also offered as a managed service running inside customers' cloud accounts.