Keeping the lights on under high load

How can you complex microservices environments up, even under high-load conditions? We have collected resources from this site on ensuring scalability and stability in web application landscapes.

People and Practices

Even for high-performing teams, a core set of practices needs to be established to keep sites out of trouble.

Technology and Tools

The role of technology and tools is to support people and practices. Here at Stactory, we have compile a list of tools in the expanding space of monitoring, APM and AIOps:

Market overview: AIOps and intelligent monitoring

In addition, we have published articles on other aspects of keeping complex systems out of trouble:

We solve scalability and stability issues in e-commerce


Making technology scale is a team effort. Everyone working on a connected systems needs to identify with scalability and performance goals, inside and outside of your organization, in development and operations.


From forecasting to load testing, from chaos engineering to incident post-mortems and situation room organization - establishing useful practices in your organization is key to winning at scalability.


As every microservice has its own scalability constraints, a set of solid architecture principles is needed to manage growing complexity. And throwing hardware at problems is only useful after resolving architecture issues.

Testing and scaling

Scaling up infrastructure capacity is a delicate game of balancing cost, performance and risk. Load drivers need to be understood, and load tests need to be realistic in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

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