When Black Friday comes around, make sure your site is prepared

Keeping a complex e-commerce site up under Black Friday load is tough.
STACTORY offers battle-tested recipes for fixing scalability and stability issues in web applications.

Keeping an online shop available under high load is hard.

When the crowds come, your shop's stability has 3 enemies

Enemy #1: Software architecture issues
Enemy #2: Insufficient hardware sizing
Enemy #3: Unreliable external services

We solve scalability and stability issues in e-commerce


Making technology scale is a team effort. Everyone working on the shop needs to identify with scalability and performance goals, inside and outside of your organization, in development and operations.


From forecasting to load testing, from chaos engineering to incident post-mortems and situation room organization - establishing useful practices in your organization is key to winning at scalability.


With every microservice having its own scalability constraints, a set of solid architecture principles is needed to manage growing complexity. And throwing hardware at problems is only useful after resolving architecture issues.

Testing and scaling

Adding hardware resources is a delicate game of balancing cost, performance and risk. Load drivers need to be understood, and load tests need to be realistic in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Why us?

In preparing some of the largest online shop environments in Germany for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we developed unique methodologies and tools for organizing Black Friday projects, uncovering and managing risks, and ensuring that e-commerce environments can scale as far as needed.
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