Welcome to STACTORY

At Stactory, our mission is to turn IT operations into a autonomous operations. We are convinced that the DevOps movement has only scratched the surface of what it means to run applications in production, with performance at scale, with high availability, resilience and security.
In our case studies and essays, we focus on areas that are rapidly shifting from the traditional development and operations model to a new, emerging framework of developing applications for the cloud, and designing the organizational models for running them:

Cloud-native services

It's no longer about migrating to the cloud, it's about building on top of cloud services. This is how sustainable value is delivered in leading organizations.

Application Performance

With more layers of abstraction between application and infrastructure, and applications turning into networks of microservices, performance issues are harder to spot than ever.

Software Delivery Lifecycle

Bringing DevOps full circle, from code to validation, from development to production, and incorporating feedback from operations into the software.


Microservice architectures produce more telemetry data than humans can process. Operational intelligence is needed to find relevant machine data and take action.
Decentralizing operations problems doesn't make them go away. Today's IT operations function needs to turn into a set of smart tools for autonomous teams embedded into the business.